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The Ext4Yii Framework is distributed under the two license models:

Commercial License

Ext4Yii is a commercial open source product. This means that most for the source code of the framework is open for you to see and alter, should you need it to develop your application. We have a special OEM license agreement with Sencha which enables us to distribute the ExtJS Framework integrated with Ext4Yii. This also means, when you purchase a commercial license, you don't need to purchase an ExtJS license separately. Commercial Ext4Yii licenses already includes a commercial ExtJS license.

If you already have a commercial ExtJS license which you purchased in the past, you can get a special discount provided we can verify your license with Sencha Licensing Office. Please contact us for instruction and more information. Please not that a commercial license restricts you to distribute the Ext4Yii Framework with a Free Open Source Software.

Please find the complete The Ext4Yii Commercial License Agreement here.

Evaluation License

In order to test and evaluate the Ext4Yii Framework, we provide you with a special time limited license. The evaluation license, and the evaluation downloads will only work for a certain amount of time and cannot be used for full development.

Please find the complete The Ext4Yii Evaluation License Agreement here.